Smart Home

Xiaomi HomeWiFi Tri-Band Mesh Router(2 pack)


New tri-band Mesh technology

With 8-channel signal amplifier

Independent backhaul frequency band, the whole house network does not slow down

Factory pre-paired dual routers, 0-step Mesh, simple and fast

160MHz ultra-wide bandwidth, double the speed

2.5G network port, higher network upper limit

Qualcomm processors provide you with a stable network

Support 200 Bluetooth device access, create a smart home

With sensitive NFC sensing technology, NFC-enabled Android phones can connect to the network without a password by touching the top of the router

Support connection to Mi Home App, reasonably control the content and duration of Internet access

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Xiaomi Miiiw LCD Digital temperature and humidity clock


Memory function: the hygrometer and thermometer from Liorque can remember the highest and lowest temperature and humidity within 24 hours.

5 Kinds Of Information Display Easy At A Glance

Support includes temperature (Celsius/Fahrenheit), humidity, time (12/24 hour system), date and comfort level, and provide the environmental information you need at any time

90% Screen-to-body ratio

Multi-angle high definition screen